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Elevate Your Brand with Copeland National

At Copeland National, we transcend the ordinary, transforming packaging into a strategic art form.

Industries Served by Copeland National Packaging Company:


Skincare & Cosmetics:

Specialized packaging for creams, serums, makeup products, and other beauty items.

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Safe and compliant packaging for medical and pharmaceutical products.



Custom packaging designs for retail products, ranging from electronics to home goods.

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Protective packaging for electronic goods, ensuring safety during transport.



Stylish and durable packaging for clothing, accessories, and footwear.

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Food & Beverage:

Innovative packaging solutions for perishable and non-perishable food items, including eco-friendly options.

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Copeland National: Your Premier Packaging Partner

At Copeland National, we've transformed packaging into an art, offering an unrivaled blend of consulting, sourcing, and comprehensive turnkey solutions. Serving a diverse clientele across food, cosmetics, and beyond, we leverage over three decades of industry expertise to navigate the complexities of packaging with ease.

Our rich heritage is rooted in deep-seated knowledge and an expansive network, where longstanding relationships with a carefully curated list of suppliers extend across the United States and span three continents. Our commitment is to not just meet, but exceed your packaging needs, ensuring each solution is as unique as the product it protects.

Join us, and experience the synergy of tradition, innovation, and service that only Copeland National can deliver.

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Case Study: New York Biology

The Challenge:

Our client sought to create an ultra-giftable set for their best-selling product on Amazon. The goal was to incorporate the most frequently requested add-ons by customers, crafting a luxurious unboxing experience. This set was envisioned as a premium gift option for the holiday season.

The Solution:

Copeland National delivered beyond expectations. We crafted a stunning, ultra-high-quality product box featuring vibrant, full-color printing both inside and out. Custom inserts were designed to perfectly accommodate the add-on products. This exceptional package was delivered swiftly and notably under the proposed budget, ensuring an outstanding value proposition.

Types of Packaging Provided

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